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Top 2 Ways To Save On Florida Auto Insurance
This is my site Written by on February 7, 2012 – 6:26 pm

Option 1: Change Your Coverage To get your best Florida auto insurance Price.

Most people don’t like this option as it basically means that your not going to have as good of an insurance policy. Yes this will save you money, but the fact is that it can just cost you hundreds down the road. If you increase your deductible to an amount that you can’t afford, did you really save money? If you remove comprehensive and collision coverage then go out and wreck the car and have to pay for the damages out of pocket, did you save money? If your vehicle is in the shop due to a claimable event and you removed rental coverage, your going to have to pay for it yourself and once again, did you save any money? The point I’m making is that you can change your coverage limits and it isn’t always a bad thing, but it most likely won’t save you money over the long hall. This is usually just pushing the pain to the back end when you need the insurance and in most cases ends up costing you a lot more then you save up front.

Option 2: Find A Better Priced Insurance Company.

This is the best option and works the best in our opinion. The key is to use a service like we provide that will get you quotes with multiple Florida auto insurance companies quickly! You need to get comparisons from the regional carriers and the national carriers to find the best rates. It is hit and miss which option is best and using a service like ours to make sure you get a whole bunch of quotes gives you the best chance of saving hundreds.

To summarize things, we don’t really like option 1 as it means that you are sacrificing coverage. If you do find that you have to go with option 1 in order to save money, then you should look first at raising your deductible a little. The thing to remember is that you need to keep your deductible low enough that you can afford it when you need the insurance. The best way to save is to get quotes from as many companies as you possibly can and find a better rate that way. You will be happier in the future that you chose to take the time now to get better rates from shopping rather then lowering your coverage. Good luck and don’t forget to fill out free online quote form now to start finding those better Florida auto insurance rates today!
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