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What is Florida No Fault Auto Insurance
This is my site Written by on December 15, 2011 – 4:41 pm

In some states, you have to get no fault auto insurance and Florida is one of those states.  Understanding what Florida no fault auto insurance is will put you ahead of the game when you start searching for the best price for your car insurance.  Here are some of the things you need to understand about no fault insurance in Florida.

The basic concept of no fault insurance is very simple.  If you get into an accident, each driver is responsible for their own repairs and the people in their vehicle.  This is the way Florida works and because of this law the insurance coverage is a bit different.

Starting with PIP or Personal Injury Protection coverage will cover all the resident relatives driving the vehicle.  They don’t have to be listed as a driver on the policy because they will be covered under your PIP coverage.  This coverage will give you medical benefits, death benefits, and disability benefits as well.

PIP coverage, with Florida no fault auto insurance, will give you a death benefit of $5,000 for the insured person along with medical benefits at 80% of the amount incurred from the injury.  There is also a disability benefit of 60% of any lost wages with the total amount payable being $10,000 per accident.  Of course, this is assuming you are carrying the minimum necessary to drive in Florida.

With PIP coverage, the maximum deductible is $1,000 and if you choose this deductible, you will pay less than if you go with a lower deductible.  You really need to make sure you get a deductible that you can afford, however, since this has to be paid before you get any of the benefits anyway.

PIP is not an option coverage choice in the state of Florida and if your vehicle is registered there, you have to carry this coverage.  This is the entire point of the Florida no fault auto insurance and if you plan to live in Florida, you will need this coverage.  The good news is nobody else has to be at fault for you to take advantage of the benefits of PIP insurance.

Not all states, in fact most states, don’t require PIP coverage, but under the Florida no fault auto insurance laws you have to carry it in Florida.  Even if you require FR44 or SR22 insurance because you are a high-risk driver with a past DUI, you will have to carry that coverage on top of the PIP coverage required in Florida.

When you are looking for the Florida no fault auto insurance called PIP coverage you should also know that you don’t have to get a lawyer to get paid out when it comes to your benefits.  This means no fighting to get your medical bills paid for and all the other things you need to have paid for when a claim is made.

Finding the right PIP coverage is pretty easy if you use the online resources out there.  Many companies offer Florida auto insurance and will fit your budget.  You just need to find the right company to provide you with everything you need for the right price and searching online can help you find it much faster.

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